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Performance Chiropractic

Performance Chiropractic

Not your usual chiropractor. Performance Chiropractic specializes in chiropractic medicine in conjunction with Active Release Technique that enables their staff to treat the body as a whole.


Brought in to help company brand itself and reposition its image within Chiropractic field.


Developed an exciting new logo with the look and feel of Southern California locale, understanding of the human body, and promoting of company's performance aspect.


Redesigned business cards and company stationary to further solidify branding image.


Designed and composed informational brochure to provide consumers with information on company’s full range of services, the benefits of treatment, and to better distinguish the company from traditional chiropractic care.


Designed a user-friendly website that promoted the image of the clinic. Scrolling testimonials help reinforce non-traditional message. The staff was introduced and highlighted with first-person commentary and lifestyle photography. Testimonials reinforced unique experiences and valued service. An interactive body structure helps patients learn more about their symptoms and treatment. Patient forms are provided to help new patients better prepare for initial visits. An easy contact form allows for personal communication with office.


Created postcard size informational cards for counter display, direct mail, and event handout to gain presence in local community. Four different style cards offer variety of uses. Testimonial style offers patient experience and endorsement of services, Physician style offers doctors experience and first-person offer of care, Follow Up style offers patient reminder of appointments, and Thank You style offers appreciation of recommendation.

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